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The NIHS is a nationally based health and fitness education corporation for individuals in the medical, health, nutrition and fitness fields. NIHS provides multiple certificates and competencies focused on specific areas of each field. It is generally believed that specialized certificates are more valuable and of greater educational worth when dichotomized into specific interrelated areas of discipline.  NIHS works with medical professionals, health organizations, institutes of higher learning and many other groups to design the best courses with the most up-to-date information. Our courses are accepted and recommended by medical professionals because medical professionals help design our courses.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to bridge the gap between medicine and fitness by organizing the efforts of scientists, researchers, practitioners and health professionals, and integrating those efforts to provide resources, credentials and continuing education to people in the health and fitness industry.


About our Philosophy 

Fitness professionals seek credibility. The National Institute of Health Science leads the way with education based, higher learning center backed credentials. We’re not just another certificate program. The NIHS believes that education and learning never ends. That’s why we have created a series of specialized subjects such as Shoulder Specialist, Hip Specialist, Knee Specialist, Soft Tissue Pain Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Personal Fitness Trainer and Back Specialist. We don’t provide you a single generalized certification. We continue to build your resume with dozens of specialized certificates in multiple disciplines. We at the NIHS can prepare you as a specialist in specific disciplines, or give you a firm eclectic base for use in the ever-widening industry of fitness



The NIHS materials gained approval through the ACICS accrediting council when it's author wrote one of the first Bachelor of Science degrees in the nation for Globe University/MSB College. The ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools) approved course work for the Globe/MSB curriculum in 2007. Since this time over 400 students have either started or graduated from the college program and over 5,000 students through the NIHS course materials. The NIHS did not seek approval through NOCA since NOCA does not accredit curriculum. NOCA accredits organizations on the merit of its examination not the content of the course work. The NIHS does not feel that this approach adequately protects personal trainers, nor does it reflect professional course content.

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